LA-16 PC Based Logic Analyzer


The ART LA-16 PC Based Logic Analyzer is capable of measuring 16 electronic signals simultaneously at 100MHz.

All measured waveforms can be written to disk and even exported in such way the data can be used in other programs such as MatLab.

Off course the sample rate and buffer size can be selected as needed for you application. Furthermore several signals can be combined into a bus.

The PC software offers many flexible features like zooming, printing, timing measurement and waveform cursors.

The LA-16 can be connected to any PC or laptop with an USB 2.0 port. The unit is powered from USB. Therefore the LA-16 is very flexible and can be used in development, service and hobby environments.


The LA-16 is supplied with powerful 32-bit Windows software. The graphical user interface supports ease of use, speed and full functionality. The LA-16 software is Windows XP and Vista 32 compatible.

Software updates will be provided via the ART Programming Systems WebSite.

The WebSite also provides FAQ lists, links, tools and information about all ART products.

Decoding Of Standards

The LA-16 can directly decode various standard communication interfaces, like:

  • I2C
  • SPI
  • UART
  • CAN

  • Standard Accessories

  • ART LA-16 PC Based Logic Analyzer
  • USB cable
  • Test lead set
  • CD Rom with software, drivers and manual

  • Click this icon to download the LA-16 datasheet.